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Wholesale Flowers

Wholesale Flowers from Action Floral - your Wholesale Floral Specialist!

What are the advantages of buying your wholesale flowers from a wholesale florist?

Freshness, selection and convenience.

First of all a wholesale florist buys fresh flowers direct from farms and growers all around the world. We can meet the demands of buying in larger quantities from the farms who sometimes have a minimum requirement that a florist shop wouldn't be able to meet. 

A wholesale florist looks after the logistics of getting the flowers to their warehouse which means coordinating airplane schedules or trucking schedules.  They make sure the flowers arrival in a timely manner under optimal conditions.  We pay attention to detail so that flowers arriving from hot climates are pre-cooled, or tropical flowers receive NO REFRIGERATION.  

If flowers are being shipped to an areas where the temperatures are below freezing, we winter pack the flowers so that we can help eliminate any freezing of flowers.  These are all the precautions that a wholesale florist takes before the retail florist even receives the flowers.  This is done so that the flowers maintain their freshness.

Another reason you might want to deal with a wholesale florist for your wholesale flower needs is that you may want rare or seasonal flowers.  

Oftentimes, if you place an order in advance with a flower wholesaler, they can arrange to get the flowers of your choice.  This is especially important during wedding season.  Selection is another main reason for dealing with a wholesale florist.  Wholesale florists carry a wide range of flowers that a retail store wouldn't be able to keep in stock on a daily basis.  Wholesalers carry a much larger inventory of flowers ranging from the ordinary flowers of carnations and chrysanthemums to the extraordinary like orchids and callas. 

Lastly, wholesalers offer the retail florist convenience.

At the wholesale florist, a salesperson will hand pick each and every wholesale flower order.  This ensures that the flowers are inspected so that the retailer receives the most fresh flowers.  Then we deliver the flowers right to your door.  Now that's convenience!